MOTO GB - Ten of the best

From our extensive range of styles and models it’s difficult to have favourites, so instead here are a selection that highlight the wide variety of machines that offer just about something to everyone and to suit most Budgets

KEEWAY RKS STD 125 - £1,599

Starting with what we think is possibly the best all round deal for those who want as much of everything possible while spending as little as possible, Price, Quality, Reliability, Looks & Feel make RKS more than the sum of its parts, it all adds up to peace of mind with added economy.

RKS Std is a, sturdy, no-nonsense machine that is the epitome of value coming in at a miserly £1,599 +OTR for this you are getting a bike that makes you smile as the miles fly by easy A full 2 Years Manufacturer warranty ensure that peace of mind is as Standard with this capable Commuter, it gets on with the job without fuss, looking good while doing it as well.

FB Mondial SMX 125 - £3,199

If the beaten track seems worn and tired to you then the perfect antidote is the Funky looking, nimble and great fun to ride, SMX 125. ?? BHP puts it right at the allowable limit of power of the learner legal boundary. SMX 125 is available in two versions (Trail & Super Moto) this rascal of a bike is just as much of a looker as its larger competitors if not better and although learner legal, still has a flavour of the punchy excitement of those bigger bikes.

Not the cheapest, but hugely cool, easy to ride and masses of fun, £ for lb its superb value shines through.

F.B Mondial SMX 125

Keeway Superlight 125

KEEWAY Superlight 125 - £1,999

The Superlight is only the UK’s best selling custom bike, not just 125cc but of any size, and you don’t get to be the most popular kid in class by being a wallflower. In your face styling along with smooth performance and great reliability means Superlight is checking the boxes when it comes to what you want with consummate ease.

Dual balanced engine gives such a smooth ride that it’s hard to believe you are aboard a 125cc single cylinder machine, available in Stealthy Satin finish or classic Gloss and Chrome with luggage ensures Superlight isn’t just a one trick pony, this is an accomplished thoroughbred in its class.

SYM Symphony SR 125 - £2,199

Our 'Workhorse' up until the 'Uber' age the SR125 was the prospective London Cabbies choice for doing the ‘Knowledge’ which if you don’t know was having to know by heart, any route across one of the world’s busiest Capital cities without the aid of a Sat Nav, this meant months of buzzing round the streets of London memorising the twists and turns before being able to Jump into a famous Black Cab.

The fact that the SYMPHONY SR 125 was used for this arduous task speaks volumes for the capability of this Large wheel ?????. Reliability is key here and then if you add in Good Looks & Fantastic economy backed by a 5 Year warranty you can see why the SR 125 has a ‘Peoples Champion’ feel to it.

Hyosung GT 125 R

HYOSUNG GT 125 R from £2,699

Often mistaken for a much higher capacity machine the GT 125 R also feels and handles like a bigger bike, this is part of the Baby Racers appeal, Hyosung are a long established Korean Manufacturer with a reputation for strong build quality values and a pride in their reliable products.

Although quite often overlooked it is unwise to underestimate the all-round excellence of this pedigree 125, sitting at 14.2 BHP it is barely legal which suits its outsider persona. Often included in industry top ten lists for learner legal bikes and starting at just £2,699 makes this perhaps the best value 125cc bike in the market bar none!

HANWAY RAW 125 - £1,799

HANWAY first came to the UK in late 2016 with its Cool Café Racer instantly making an impact with their no nonsense approach to providing trend setting looks without having to pay a premium, as with a good coffee you can choose the light option and this is the RAW 125, all the quality and reliability but stripped back a little so the bike is just a little more….. well Raw I suppose.

No Frills does not mean No Thrills, you get the same performance and quality you’d expect from a HANWAY but at a price that tugs at the Scrooge we all have inside.

Hanway Raw 125

SYM Jet 14 125

SYM JET 14 125 - £1,999

The Evolution of the JET family is a more mature alternative for the leisure/commuting market, all new in 2017 it hit the ground running and continues to grow its fanbase at a rapid rate, so much so that it will soon be joined by a Liquid cooled Sibling for those who like to get around with a little more zip.

A modern yet elegant exterior houses an industry leading Fuel Injected power unit which in turn sits inside a tuned to perform chassis, it gives unrivalled ride comfort at a price point seemingly too good to be true, but it is! 5 Year Warranty for any eventuality.

BENELLI TnT 125 - £2,199

Don’t you just hate it when the Brat of the family is also cute and good at everything? TnT125 is a compact yet Elegant Hooligan but with manners enough to charm the pants off you, The new Tornado Naked T has been created to win the hearts of a user that demands the utmost from their equipment, while still providing an unparalleled, enjoyable experience.

The low seat height puts you closer to the road and immerses your senses in a way that is uncommon in a 125, the smaller wheels add an urgency to the feedback from the road putting you in the ride.

Benelli TNT 125

Royal Alloy GT125

ROYAL ALLOY GT 125i - £2,499

We all like a little bit of nostalgia now and again, the halcyon care free times when life was less complicated, people were nicer to each other & things cost less. All of the above apply to the classically styled GT 125i from Royal Alloy, reminiscent of a period of time when Scooters were King of the streets, whether you’re re-living your youth or discovering the first taste of petrol powered freedom you’re guaranteed to be doing it with a smile on a GT 125i.

The GT is the start of something special, supply is barely meeting demand for this hottest of new arrivals to the UK scooter scene.


One of the most eagerly awaited new models of recent times, The Himalayan brings real off road credentials to the masses, born of the increasingly popular trend for motorcycling holidays to the Northern Sub Continent and the foothills of the Himalayas, Royal Enfield have created a winner.

This all new from the ground up explorer marks the start of the next evolution for this manufacturer famed for having the worlds longest continuous production run of the iconic Bullet model. Although envisioned for the most arduous of conditions the HIMALAYAN has perfect manners around town, its low seat height, narrow profile and upright riding position gives you excellent urban capability.

Royal Enfield Himalayan