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  • White Bear Yard,,
    Adlington, Chorley PR7 4HZ
  • Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:30pm
    Sat & Sun is closed
  • sell your bike fast with finance settled.

Moto Electric Motorcycles & Scooters
Make your transport even more economical, BUY DIRECT from MotoGB & Save upto £1000*

Massive savings on our Electric range of mopeds & scooters with doorstep delivery options or free collection from our HQ*
Join the electric revolution with MotoGB electric mopeds & scooters. Our electric range starts at £1399 extending to 3000W 70Mph long range scooters. with twin batteries.
* Standard doorstep delivery within 28 working days £120 incl. VAT
** Fast doorstep delivery within 14 working days £180 incl. VAT

Keeway E-Zi Mini

EZI Mini road legal electric scooter is a game-changer
£1,299 +OTR  |  WAS £1,699
HP £27 p/m
PCP £129 p/m    HP £146 p/m
PCP £140 p/m    HP £157 p/m

Husqvarna EE1.20


MGB Tromox Mino

Perfect for camper van!
£1,999 +OTR  |  WAS £2,999
HP £40 p/m

Keeway Blueshark 45 Lite

an innovative and reliable electric scooter Blueshark 45 Lite
£2,499 +OTR  |  WAS £2,999
HP £50 p/m


Bosch Motor With two batteries fitted as standard.
£1,499 +OTR  |  WAS £2,599
HP £38 p/m

Keeway Blueshark 80 Lite

An exceptional electric scooter for modern urban commuters
£2,999 +OTR  |  WAS £3,699
HP £61 p/m

MGB E4 1200W 45kmh

1200w Bosch motor 60V 26Ah Greenway battery with LG cells.
£1,899 +OTR  |  WAS £2,599
HP £38 p/m

Keeway Blueshark 45

Blueshark Electric Scooter is the ideal zero-emission moped
£2,999 +OTR  |  WAS £3,699
HP £61 p/m

MGB E4 3000W 70kmh

3000w Bosch Motor 60v 35AH Greenway battery with LG cells. SAVE £800
£2,699 +OTR  |  WAS £3,499
HP £55 p/m

MGB E4 1200W 45kmh Long Range

1200w Bosch Motor 2x 60V 26Ah Greenway batteries with LG cells: E4.
£2,499 +OTR  |  WAS £3,299
HP £50 p/m

Keeway Blueshark 80

Innovative, and eco-friendly mode of transportation
£3,499 +OTR  |  WAS £4,299
HP £63 p/m

MGB E4 3000W 70kmh Long Range

3000w Bosch Motor 2x 60v 35AH Greenway battery with LG cells.
£3,499 +OTR  |  WAS £4,499
HP £72 p/m

MGB E3 1200w 45kmh

1200w Bosch motor 60v 26Ah battery
£1,499 +OTR  |  WAS £2,099
HP £29 p/m

KTM SX-E 1.12


KTM SX-E 1.16

The next step

KTM SX-E 1.20

They grow up so fast!



Oset TXP20

All new Oset TXP20

Oset TXP24

All new Oset TXP24

Oset 16 RACING


Why should you choose MotoGB

We're here for whatever you need
Years Of Experience
Motorcycles and scooters are our passion. You can rely on our many years of experience.
Test Before Sale
We inspect and extensively test all motorcycles and scooters before delivery to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We have a selection of machines ready to ride away at short notice..
Financing Available
We offer financing for the purchase of new and used motorcycles and scooters. Up to 60 monthly installments with a low deposit.
2 Years Warranty
2 years warranty is a standard, however You can upgrade to 3, 4 or 5 years extra cover at point of sale, ask your dealer for details or click here